Amazing Program, Steve and his team really showed me how working on my fitness, while at the same time working on learning again really and truly made me feel young again!

Larry Appleby, 70 years old

So happy I took part in the Phase 1 beta testing. My flexibility and core strength has never been better!!!

Vince Risi, 57 years old

I loved working out with all the amazing other beta test participants. I loved the social component that Steve and his team have made such an interracial part of their programming.

Sandy Vincent, 75 years old

I wish I lived at Glencroft so I could keep participating in The Center for Modern Aging model. I have never felt better and am so excited to continue what I learned over the last few months!!!

Brian Franke, 55 years old

As a 93 year old, people often tell me I am too old to work out and get better. This program and everything that is involved with it proves that being healthy and active is doable at any age, thanks for showing an old man he still has something in the tank.

Bob Devereux, 93 years old

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